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to the Next Level

Experience Next Generation Surface Protection With SPS Graphene

Our Graphene Coating takes the concept of Ceramic Coatings and elevates it to the next-level of surface protection.

Be a Part of the Evolution

The detailing industry is evolving rapidly. New technology breeds new products. New products require new techniques. Become a certified SPS installer and gain access to our professional grade products, bulk pricing discounts as well as product specific training.



The SPS Graphene Coating takes the concept of Ceramic Coatings and elevates it to the next level of surface protection. It offers better all-around protection with unmatched hydrophobic properties, colour depth and shine. This coating is designed to provide up to five years of surface protection for your vehicle.


The SPS Graphene Detailer provides two benefits: It can act as a six-month coating to benefit uncoated surfaces and it can keep the hydrophobic and visual properties of existing coatings working at optimum efficiency. It’s a great way to get a taste of what our professional-grade SPS Graphene Coating can do. 

What Detailers
are saying

"SPS Graphene has been one of the best coatings we've used to date"
Stealth Labs, Belmont CA
"Our clients are blown away by the results and quality of SPS Coatings!"
Proper PPF, Calgary AB
"What makes SPS different from other coatings is the hardness, vibrancy, and depth of colour you get once applied."
New Shine Detailing, Vaughn ON
"The new formula applies as easily as a ceramic coating and levels almost too easily. I'm blown away! This is easier than a wax or quick detailer with the strength of an industrial coating."
Pristine Auto Detailing, Quarryville PA
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