About SPS

Who is SPS Coatings?

The people, and the science.

SPS continues to develop what is considered to be one of the most advanced protective coatings in the industry. SPS coatings are engineered to increase durability and performance by utilizing advanced nano technology including graphene, the most studied materials since winning the Noble Prize in 2010. SPS works alongside with engineers and scientists to further advance our technology.

Graphene is said to be the “miracle material” due to an abundance of beneficial properties. Even in its simplest form, a thin one atom thick substance is the lightest, strongest and thinnest material known to man. Being a carbon-based material coupled with the presence of oxygen functionalities, graphene oxide can be dispersed in organic solvents, water and polymer matrixes. This compatibility as a filler with polymer coatings is crucial as it allows SPS coatings to benefit from its properties.