About SPS

Who is SPS Coatings?

The people, and the science.

SPS Coatings is the exclusive distributor of Alfred Yow's Artdeshine line of products, with expert detailer and business owner Brett Welzein in charge of US accounts and distribution.

Alfred Yow

Alfred is the founder of Artdeshine, and is the lead chemist for the company. He is the creator of our Graphene and Metal Oxide coatings. We work closely with Alfred to improve the products, and he is always available to our network to help and answer questions.

More About Artdeshine

Founded in 1999, Artdeshine, a grooming and detailing shop was the brainchild of Alfred Yow. Alfred tried out various popular detailing products in the initial years of operating Artdeshine, and one day he had an epiphany – what if he can create his own product, something that can meet his expectations, something that is better than what you can find off the shelves.

Since about eight years ago, Alfred made that into a reality and started developing and manufacturing his own brand of detailing products, from car shampoo to traditional wax and cutting-edge coatings. Artdeshine’s product has since penetrated more than 20 areas around the world, including Taiwan, Korea, Chicago, Las Vegas, Mexico, Sydney, Poland and U.K.