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Looking to get that Graphene goodness? Here’s a list of our certified and authorized installers in Florida. 

Graphene coatings are growing tremendously popular in Florida thanks to their high gloss and protective qualities that perfectly compliment the lifestyle of the region. While Florida’s climate is highly desirable for quality of life, the heat and UV rays can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s surface.

Never stop being a showstopper with our industry-leading coating that promotes shine, prevents scratches and UV damage, and repels water like nobody’s business.

Authorized vs Certified Installers

Authorized installers (blue dots) are able to install and sell SPS Graphene products. Each authorized installer has been vetted to ensure they have extensive experience with applying other coatings.

Certified installers (SPS logos) have been personally trained on Graphene Coatings, ensuring the absolute best results.

Boynton Beach

A Miracle Detailing

Phone: 561-877-0263
Web: amiracledetailing.com

561 Detailing

Phone: 561-501-1592

Cape Coral

BlackOps Auto Detail
Phone: 817-751-1960

Fort Myers

Land Sea Air Details & Specialties

Phone: 786-801-4083
Web: instagram.com/land.sea.air_details

Gulf Breeze

A Miracle Detailing

Phone: 716-860-0231
Web: facebook.com/ecproplusdetail


Glorious Detailing & Polishing

Web: Facebook.com/GloriousDetailing

Lake Wales

Apex Auto Care

Phone: 321-443-6603


JL’s Showroom Auto Salon

Phone: 321-723-6976
Web: showroomdetailinginc.com


Detail Geeks

Phone: 305-896-2430
Web: detailgeeks.com


Elite Graphene

Phone: 813-686-5100
Web: elitegraphene.com/

Ormond Beach

Ormond Auto Coatings

Phone: 386-222-2843
Web: ormondautocoatings.com

Plant City

ShineRunner Detailing

Web: facebook.com/shinerunnerdetailing


Zen Auto Concepts

Phone: 772-463-8500
Web: zenautoconcepts.com


Priceless Detailing

Phone: 813-495-1815
Web: pricelessdetailing.com

Vero Beach

Upscale Detail

Phone: 772-203-1418
Web: facebook.com/upscaledetailVB

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