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Here’s a list of our Graphene Coating installers in England. 

Graphene coatings are a great option for everything from daily drivers, work vehicles, to high-end show cars! Our SPS Graphene Coating and Professional Detail Products are by far the best way to enhance your vehicle’s exterior appearance and preserve them for years to come. Our protective coatings can be used to protect your car, van, truck, motorcycle, caravan, boat, and virtually any other exterior surface on a vehicle you can think of. It’s a great way to prevent UV damage to decals and paint, cut back on time spent cleaning, and make removing stuck-on contaminants (like bird droppings, sap, and more) a quick and easy task. 
Simplify your life, increase gloss, colour depth, shine, and keep your vehicle looking brand-new for years to come. 

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Authorized vs Certified Installers

Authorized installers (blue dots) are able to install and sell SPS Graphene products. Each authorized installer has been vetted to ensure they have extensive experience with applying other coatings.

Certified installers (SPS logos) have been personally trained on Graphene Coatings, ensuring the absolute best results.


Falcon Detailing
Phone: 07826515971

Web: falcondetailing.co.uk

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