3 Easy Ways Detail Shops Can Increase Coating Sales

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Professional detailers know that coatings are the best way to protect and enhance a vehicle, retain its resale value, and reduce the number of washes necessary to keep it looking incredible.

They’re also one of the most expensive services a detailer can offer. Now more than ever, people want to see the benefits of a product and service before they’re willing to invest in it, but how do you do that without giving away free coatings?

Case Study: How Upscale Detail Increased Their Coatings Sales And Client Satisfaction With SPS Graphene Detailer.

A Small Change Led To Big Volume For Upscale Detail.

Every vehicle that gets detailed should leave the shop looking its best. Traditionally this is done with a quick wax, which typically lasts a few weeks to a couple of months. And while this leaves the vehicle looking good after it’s been detailed, it does little to promote higher-end services like coatings.

The team at Upscale Detail had an idea: instead of finishing every clean with wax, finish it with SPS Graphene Detailer.

By using the SPS Graphene Detailer on every vehicle as their go-to wax alternative, every one of their customers leaves with a sample of what it’s like to have a full Graphene Coating—and it made them hungry for more. 

Not only were their customers happier with the longer lasting gloss and shine of the Graphene Detailer, the shop saved money in labour costs as well because of how quick and easy it is to apply SPS Graphene Detailer instead of waxes.

“The Graphene Detailer has been successful at introducing our customers to SPS and Graphene specifically, so that way when they’re ready for a coating, we’re able to transition that customer from that paint sealant into the actual Graphene Coating. It’s fresh in their mind and they already believe in the product because it’s been on their vehicle.” Watch the video below to hear it from Upscale Detail. 

To summarize, Graphene Detailer allowed them to:

  • ⏱️ Spend less time (than waxing) to finish a detail job, reducing labour costs;
  • ?️ Leave customers with lasting gloss and water repellency for up to 6 months;
  • ? Reduce the number of exterior protection products you have to carry;
  • ? And impress the crap out of your customers. 

Top 3 Ways To Increase The Volume of Coatings In Your Shop

Stop Using Wax, Use Graphene Detailer Instead

Whether you’re looking to get someone into a Graphene Coating or just impress the $#!t out of every detailing customer, the SPS Graphene Detailer will get you there. 

Work smarter, not harder. SPS Graphene Detailer can be used as a drying agent, so you can dry and add protection and shine all in the same step.

Less is more. You know all those bottles you have kicking around the shop for different things? And the young guns waxing car after car with the power tools? Streamline the process with one, easy-to-apply spray that works wonders on nearly every exterior surface. 

Coat Your Own Vehicle

This one is especially important if you’re a mobile detailer. Nothing shows off the benefits of a coating like seeing one in person, whether it’s a brand-new SUV or an original Toyota truck.

Just look at the difference a paint correction and graphene coating had on Nat Wilton’s 1996 Toyota 4Runner!

Nat Wilton with her freshly SPS Graphene coated 4Runner.

Offer Coatings Without Paint Correction

We know it sounds crazy, but Graphene coatings don’t necessarily need a perfect surface to adhere to, although it undoubtedly produces the best results.

The serious enthusiast is going to insist on paint correction, but the average car owner doesn’t necessarily need perfection to get excited about the perks of a Graphene coating. The investment protection and time savings alone are great reasons for anyone to appreciate, and it greatly lowers the price point of a coating installation.

One option is to offer a sale or promotion for new car owners to install a coating shortly after purchasing a brand-new vehicle. While new cars can sometimes come with small blemishes from transportation, they’re pretty close to perfect. Plus, it’s a great time to tap into that ‘new car’ excitement.


Extend the life of your coating with basic maintenance and topping up using our Graphene Detailer.

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