Industry Leading Microfibre Car Cloths, Towels, Wash Mitts,
Applicators, Detailing Accessories, and More!

Your One-Stop-Shop for All of Your Detail Supply Needs!

One of our core values at SPS Coatings is striving to offer exceptional value and quality products to all of our customers.

Our detailing coatings and chemicals offer insane value, and our microfiber car cloths, microfiber towels, wash mitts, microfiber applicators, and other detail accessories are no different. 

Everyone at SPS was once a detailer and knows how much of a pain it can be to source supplies from several different vendors. The team always wished they could add everything they needed to detail their car into one cart and have it shipped to their door. 

We curated all of the products that you see below to ensure you get the best bang for your buck possible and so that you can get everything you need ordered at once!


Many detail supply companies and marketing heavy brands will just slap a logo on something they bought from Ali Baba, crank the price sky high and call it a day.

Although there are plenty of good products out there, they don’t provide the best value possible to you, the end user.

Whether you’re a professional detailer or even a detail enthusiast, this can really add up over time!

At SPS Coatings, we skipped the branding on our products to keep the cost down and curated a set of microfiber products that we would proudly use ourselves. 

No throwaway products here, just high GSM microfibers designed to work well with our products that have been optimized to save you on product where possible. 

All of The Microfiber Car Cloths and Detail Accessories You Need!

Tommy H
Verified Review - Mobile Detailer
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It's so nice to be able to just throw these into the cart and know that I'm still getting a quality product - just like the coating. Being able to purchase coatings and supplies all in one place is a game changer. Thank you SPS!
Jeffrey T
Verified Review - JT's Premier Detailing
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Okay, real talk. The applicators that SPS sells are AWESOME! I've had troubles with other ones at a similar price point either wasting product or marring paint. These things don't mar the paint and being able to use both sides is awesome! No more crusty applicators in the middle of a large application.
Robert F
Verified Review - Detail Enthusiast
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I've been detailing my own vehicles as well as friends cars and doing ceramic coatings for over 10 years. I was shocked at how good the SPS range of detail accessories were when I got them. I'll be ordering the larger packs with my next order of SPS Graphene. Everything these guys do is gold!
Cletus B
Verified Review - Detail Enthusiast
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I burn through microfiber towels like no tomorrow. SPS towels are a quality product at a price that's hard to beat aside from the crappy ones at costco. Will be purchasing again in a bigger pack.
Cody M
Verified Review - Code Red Detailing
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I can't get over how plush the polishing towel is... My daughter keeps grabbing them and taking them from my shop! I haven't fully tested the other products yet but I will update my review when I have.

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