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SPS HIGH ALKALINE SOAP is designed to offer powerful degreasing and deep-cleaning action.

This highly concentrated formula gives you the option to use the soap as a pre-soak
degreasing agent, a traditional hand-washing shampoo or even in a foam cannon. All you need to do is dilute the formula accordingly!

High-pH detergents are considered the most used car wash chemical. High-pH soaps are comprised of alkaline builders and surface-active agents (surfactants).

When combined in the SPS HIGH ALKALINE SOAP, these builders and surfactants help to remove and emulsify organic material (bugs, bird droppings, oils and greases) while effectively neutralizing any acid that may be on the vehicle’s surface.

SPS HIGH ALKALINE SOAP is scent-free and biodegradable to make it an environmentally conscious choice to clean vehicles.

Always wash your vehicle in a shaded area when possible and a designated wash area to ensure proper drainage to comply with all local, State and Federal environmental regulations.

Use 1/4 ounce of SPS HIGH ALKALINE SOAP per gallon of water. Our recommended optimal dilution is from 400:1 with water. Adjust the dilution ratio when needed.

Visit our website for more dilution ratio recommendations. Rinse vehicle prior to applying soap solution. Apply by hand, through foam gun, or use as a degreaser in a spray bottle.

Weight 9.47 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 4 in


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