Can Graphene Coatings Be Used On Glass & Windshields? 

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Graphene surface protection has built its reputation for its versatility, boasting low surface friction that results in incredible slickness on virtually any application. It’s especially impressive on glass surfaces, where water droplets easily slide off of surfaces in seconds, rather than needing to be wiped away.

These remarkable self-cleaning properties not only mean you have to wash the vehicle less but can also greatly improve visibility in bad weather events. It can also be applied to headlights and tail lights. Similar to windows, Graphene coatings can reduce the need to clean them in bad weather, and thanks to its heat dispersion properties, it helps prevent water and other contaminants from etching the surface.

Can I Apply A Graphene Coating or Graphene Detailer To My Windshield? 

While you can apply SPS Graphene products to your windshield to take advantage of their impressive water-shedding properties, unfortunately, the coating will wear down much faster due to the friction of wiper blades repeatedly dragging contaminants and dust particles continually across the surface. You can still reap the benefits of our graphene on your windshield with the SPS Graphene Detailer, you just might need to re-apply it more often.

Can I Apply Graphene Coatings To Other Windows & Mirrors?

Absolutely! Graphene’s versatile formula makes it perfect for use on windows and mirrors, resulting in a streak-free, ultra hydrophobic finish. Our Graphene Coating can provide up to 5 years of benefits, while the Graphene Detailer can provide up to 6 months of benefits but can be applied as frequently as you like for optimal results.

How Can I Maintain A Graphene Coating on Windows & Glass?

Maintaining an SPS Graphene Coating is easy! You’ll maintain the coating on windows and glass the same way you would on painted surfaces. Simply wash with gentle soap and water, as you would with other panels and pieces of your car. Avoid using a glass cleaner, as this could wear down the coating faster.

For the best results, we recommend picking up a bottle of our SPS Graphene Detailer, which will act as a ‘top up’ for your coating to help extend its life and keep it functioning as well as the day it was installed.

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