Can Graphene Coatings Be Used On PPF and Vinyl Wraps?  

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One of the questions we receive most often is: can I apply a Graphene coating to PPF? Will the coating adhere to the film, and what does it do to the longevity of the coating? Is there even a point?

Paint Protection Films (PPF) are a widely popular option for car owners looking to protect their paint from surface scratches. They’re excellent at preventing small rock chips and swirls, and some protection against contaminants and stuck-on gunk, but they don’t always provide the water-repellency and UV protection of a Graphene Coating.

Why Apply A Graphene Coating to PPF?

At first, it might seem a little redundant to apply a Graphene coating to PPF, but the applications complement each other very well.

Both PPF and Graphene coatings are going to offer protection and gloss. As a thicker, physical barrier, PPF does a great job of preventing rock chips and dust from wreaking havoc on the clear coat, but they often can’t provide the same level of shine and gloss that you’d get from a coating.

Graphene Coatings are stronger than their ceramic counterparts and offer increased shine, water repellency, and UV protection. Because our Graphene Coating is so universal, it can also be applied to nearly any surface which makes it a great topper for PPF.

Additionally, applying Graphene to the PPF prevents road contaminants from getting to the pores of the film. Despite the self-healing nature of PPF, these contaminants can block the pores of the membrane, which is one of the key reasons they can turn yellow over time.

Together, you’ve got the ultimate combination of shine, protection, water repellency, UV resistance, and more.

“I have never seen a product bond and work so well on wrap and PPF before!”

Reddy’s Auto Cosmetics, Richmond BC Canada

The Next Generation Of PPF

Some PPF manufacturers are now incorporating hydrophobic and UV-resistant properties into their films which is great to see. While a Graphene Coating may not be necessary for these specific brands, the Graphene Detailer is a great maintenance option for keeping the PPF looking as fresh and glossy as can be.

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