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Here’s a list of our Graphene Coating installers in Australia. 

Whether you’re looking to protect a show car or your daily driver, Graphene coatings are an excellent option for motorists in Australia. Our Flagship Graphene Coating and associated maintenance products distributed by Detailing Shed are a great way to add reflective shine, colour depth, and protect your car, ute, SUV, motorcycle, RV, dirt bike boat, and more! 

SPS Graphene has been formulated to drastically reduce damage caused by harmful UV rays to decals and paint, cut back on the amount of washing needed to keep your vehicle clean, and make it easier to clean off stuck on contaminants like bird droppings, tree sap, and more. 

Simplify the cleaning and maintenance of your vehicles and protect your investment with a Graphene Coating from one of our talented and highly trained Graphene Coating Installers in Australia. If you’d like to become an installer, please get in touch!

Authorized vs Certified Installers

Authorized installers (blue dots) are able to install and sell SPS Graphene products. Each authorized installer has been vetted to ensure they have extensive experience with applying other coatings.

Certified installers (SPS logos) have been personally trained on Graphene Coatings, ensuring the absolute best results.


Detailing Shed
Phone: +61 2 9527 1850
Location: Caringbah, NSW

Web: detailingshed.com.au


Eighty Eight Detailing
Contact Name: Brandon Lim
Phone: 61295271850
Email: admin@limitless-services.com.au
Location: Wetherill Park, NSW

Web: eightyeightdetailing.com.au

Ace Detailing
Contact Name: Jason Peisley
Phone: 0409760551
Email: acedetailing@outlook.com
Location: Upper Coomera, QLD

Web: acedetailing.net.au

Minime Garage
Contact Name: Selwyn Liang
Phone: 0434616733
Email: garage.minime@gmail.com
Location: Bundamda, QLD

Web: minimegarage.com.au

Flawless Finish Detail
Contact Name: Danny Jovcevski
Phone: 61401032328
Email: flawlessplumb@hotmail.com
Location: Kingsgrove, NSW


Diamond Finish Mobile Care Detailing
Contact Name: David Muscat
Phone: 0439373443
Email: info@diamondfinishmobilecardetailing.au
Location: Doreen, VIC

Web: diamondfinishmobilecardetailing.com

Revolution Auto Detailing
Contact Name: Keith Henderson
Phone: 0467736201
Email: keith@revolutionautodetailing.com
Location: Corrimal, NSW

Web: revolutionautodetailing.com.au

On Set Vehicle Stylist
Contact Name: Eren Kavaz
Phone: 0406675655
Email: eren.kavaz@aeecorp.com.au
Location: Belrose, NSW

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