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Looking to get that Graphene goodness? Here’s a list of our certified and authorized installers in North Carolina. 

Graphene coatings offer great protection against North Carolina’s beautiful sunny climate. While the sun’s rays are great for everyday life, they can wreak havoc on plastics, paint, and finishings of vehicles. Best of all, you can apply Graphene Coatings to nearly any surface, so they’re perfect for adding extra protection to your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, and more!

Never stop being a showstopper with our industry-leading coating that promotes shine, prevents scratches and UV damage, and repels water like nobody’s business.

Authorized vs Certified Installers

Authorized installers (blue dots) are able to install and sell SPS Graphene products. Each authorized installer has been vetted to ensure they have extensive experience with applying other coatings.

Certified installers (SPS logos) have been personally trained on Graphene Coatings, ensuring the absolute best results.


Outlaw Coating
Phone: 844-774-8787

Web: outlawcoatings.com/


Paint Defender Mobile Detailing
Phone: 334-676-1833

Web: paintdefender.com/


H2R Finish Correction
Phone: 804-413-2287

Web: facebook.com/h2rdetail

New Bern

Radiant Detail and Coatings LLC
Phone: 419-656-6744

Web: radiantdetailandcoatings.com

Pine Knoll Shores

Make My Auto Shine
Phone: 252-515-3151

Web: http://www.makemyautoshine.com


360 Detail

Phone: 336-504-5254
Web: facebook.com/360detailtimberlake/

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