Graphene Coating Installation: DIY or Don’t Even Try

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Graphene coatings took the detailing world by storm a few years ago when they first launched as the next generation of advanced surface protection. It didn’t take long for coating manufacturers to produce different qualities of coatings, ranging from consumer-grade to professional.

Nowadays, protection enthusiasts have more options than ever if they prefer the do-it-yourself route. While it will undoubtedly save money on installation costs, the question is: can you achieve the same result as someone with years of coating application experience?

Although most graphene coatings are generally easy to work with, each formula is very different from one to the next. Some are stickier while others are more fluid, some may require a few layers to achieve the best results while some only require one.

What can go wrong when installing a graphene coating yourself?

Some of the most common accidents that can arise from at-home installations are “high spots”; the result of applying too much coating in a particular area which leads to an uneven surface.

Secondly, but more importantly, when the professionals apply a coating, a lot of work goes into preparing the surface for the best results. A thorough wash, clay bar, and paint correction are all required prior to installation of a graphene coating, resulting in around 8-12 hours of labor. For serious enthusiasts, it could be an exciting way to spend a weekend. For everyone else, the vital prep step is a big reason to leave it to the pros.

Even older vehicles, like Natalie’s Toyota 4Runner, should get the royal treatment to get that ‘fresh off the showroom floor’ feeling.

Why we like to leave it to the pros.

We want to ensure that everyone with a coating is getting the best application, which is why we currently only produce a professional-grade coating that’s sold to detailers with extensive coating experience.

This ensures that every SPS Graphene coating achieves the best results from a top-notch installation.

Another bonus is that this drives business to local detail shops, supporting the local economy and fostering great relationships between detailers and their clients.

Find an installer near you or shop our Graphene Detailer, an easy way to get the benefits of Graphene at home.

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