SPS Graphene

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The Advantages of Graphene

Water spot Prevention

Graphene decreases water-spotting potential. Stubborn etchings will be less likely to penetrate and damage treated surfaces

Low friction, high contact angle

With a low surface friction, and a high contact angle of 125º, Graphene helps resist fine scratching and swirling, all while letting water fly off with ease

5 Year Durability

Graphene features an amazing 5 year rated bond with the surface when installed professionally

Stain Resistant

Graphene ensures bird droppings, tree sap, dead bugs, and harsh chemicals will be less likely to penetrate and damage treated surfaces

High Tensile Strength

Even when stretched in its one-atom thick form, Graphene does not tear due to its high tensile strength. When combined with PDMS coatings, Graphene helps to make for an even stronger coating

and much more...

Graphene also allows for easier cleaning, provides a wet, glossy look, enhances reflectivity, and has both anti-fouling and UV resistance properties

More about graphene

Graphene Treated Vehicles

Graphene is said to be a miracle material due to an abundance of beneficial properties. Even in it’s simplest form, a thin one atom thick substance, it is the lightest, strongest, thinnest material known to man.

Being a carbon-based material coupled with the presence of oxygen functionalities, graphene oxide can be easily dispersed in organic solvents, water, and polymer matrixes. This compatibility as a filler with polymer coatings (in this case polydimethylsiloxanes) is crucial, as it allows coatings to benefit from its properties.

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