SPS Graphene Detailer



SPS Graphene Detailer is designed for quick and easy application, saving you time and effort. The product gives a slick and smooth finish on surfaces. Works on dry and damp surfaces. Graphene Detailer is a suitable product to supplement and maintain SPS Coatings, sealants, waxes and all other protective coatings. For all paint types, glass, wheels, and vinyl wraps, plastic trim, and paint protection films. On average Graphene Detailer has the durability of up to 4 months of protection.

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 7 in

Professional-Grade Graphene Protection

Our SPS Graphene Detailer is trusted and used by professional detailer across North America. The same formula is sold to industry professionals and at-home enthusiasts alike. 

Maintains, Protects, & Enhances Coatings

Keep your Graphene Coating as pristine as the day it was installed. Don’t have a coating? Simply sample the benefits of Graphene for up to 6 months with this easy-to-use, universal formula. 

Easy-To-Apply Formula, Long Lasting Shine

Simply spray on and wipe dry. Works on dry and damp surfaces, and can be applied to glass, plastic, paint, rims, mirrors—you name it. Plus, no curing period required!

Powerful Protection, Lightweight Coverage

A little goes a long way. Protect against UV damage, resist dirt buildup, and make troublesome tree sap or bird droppings an issue of the past!

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