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If Jenn had to pick one word to describe herself, it would be Jenn-uine (genuine) and we would back her on that. She’s authentically herself! 

Jenn’s truck-build journey started back in 2016 when she bought her Tacoma. After admiring the trucks for years and what people had been able to do with the platform, she decided to treat herself by buying one after becoming a full-time X-Ray Technologist. 

Shortly after buying her Tacoma and getting some mud on the tires, the itch to start modding the truck took over. The truck has seen many different iterations, but the main theme has been how the truck could be made bigger and better to tackle all different kinds of offroad terrain and ensure that it’s a suitable adventure machine for Jenn and her dog to go on their backcountry expeditions. 

Fast forward to the present day, Jenn is now a full-time content creator with some big goals. She aims to show women that getting into offroading and motorsports is completely attainable and something that they can excel at. Jenn is out to show the world how hard work and passion for cars can take you places. 

SPS is ecstatic to be working with Jenn to put our coatings and products to the test under adverse conditions and ensure they’re ready for use in the real world. 

Jenn's Tacoma Build:

2016 Toyota Tacoma – 6spd Manual Transmission

Tires: @1010tires – Toyo MT 37″ (325/70R17);
Winter Tires: Toyo GSi-5 (285/70R17)
Wheels:  KMC Wheels – Carnage

Suspension: @kingshocks 2.5″ Extended with Reservoirs
Lift:  Front- Adjustable king shocks; Rear: Add a leaf + 1″ block

Front Bumper, Rear bumper, skid plates, rock sliders: @c4_fabrication

Tent & Awning: @cvttents
Tent: Mt.Bachelor; Awning: 55″
Bed Rack:  @tacomapocalypse
Roof rack: @prinsudesign
Grill: Toyota pro grill with aftermarket raptor lights

Lights & Lightbar: @rigidindustries– 30″ light bar with pods
Ditch lights: @cali_raised_led
Gears: @nitrogears ratio: 5.29
Snorkel: Dobinsons

Tail lights: aftermarket from Tacoma Beast

"The best
graphene spray
money can buy"

“This Graphene Detailing spray is hands-down my favorite way to keep my truck looking glossy and easy to clean.”

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Why Graphene?

Easy to Clean

Reduce UV Damage

High-Gloss Finish

Waterspot Reduction

Protects All Surfaces

Fully Hydrophobic

Want even more protection?

Get even more surface protection with a full SPS Graphene Coating, available at detailing shops across the U.S. and Canada. Rated for up to 5 years of protection against chemical damage, UV damage, small scratches and abrasions, long-lasting water resistance, and above all: incredible gloss and shine. 

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