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In 2018 we introduced our new generation of protective coating technology with our in-house chemist, James Colton, and we have continually iterated on it ever since.

This isn’t another ceramic coating or “pre-ceramic” coating with some graphene powder added. It’s a proprietary carrier solution with graphene platelets dispersed in the formula to act as a strengthening agent for results that are hard to match by our competitors.

We are proud to have paved the path into the utilization of Graphene as an additive and surface modifier in our Graphene Coating. We continue our never-ending quest to provide the finest products in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry, and SPS Graphene is no exception to that.

The formula delivers high-definition gloss, incredible surface slickness, rich colour depth, and impressive hydrophobic properties.

Our versatile formula can be applied to all exterior surfaces, including glass, paint, plastic, vinyl wraps, PPF, matte finishes, and more!

As a company, we always aim to underpromise and overdeliver with our products. We want our customers to have realistic expectations of how long an SPS Graphene Coating will last on their vehicle.

There are too many protective coatings on the market that do the opposite and sensationalize the protective capabilities of their products. As such, we have modestly rated this product as a 3-5 year coating.

If the coating isn’t maintained and the vehicle sees harsh conditions,  3 years of longevity is realistic. If regular coating maintenance is done and the vehicle is taken care of, 5 years is no problem.

To learn how to apply SPS Graphene, please watch the video below. If you have any questions about the product, feel free to start a chat using the widget on this site or send us an email!

Benefits of an SPS Graphene Coating:

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