3 Easy Ways Detail Shops Can Increase Coating Sales

Professional detailers know that coatings are the best way to protect and enhance a vehicle, retain its resale value, and reduce the number of washes necessary to keep it looking incredible. They’re also one of the most expensive services a detailer can offer. Now more than ever, people want to see the benefits of a […]

Can Graphene Coatings Be Used On PPF and Vinyl Wraps?  

One of the questions we receive most often is: can I apply a Graphene coating to PPF? Will the coating adhere to the film, and what does it do to the longevity of the coating? Is there even a point? Paint Protection Films (PPF) are a widely popular option for car owners looking to protect […]

Can Graphene Coatings Be Used On Glass & Windshields? 

Graphene surface protection has built its reputation for its versatility, boasting low surface friction that results in incredible slickness on virtually any application. It’s especially impressive on glass surfaces, where water droplets easily slide off of surfaces in seconds, rather than needing to be wiped away. These remarkable self-cleaning properties not only mean you have […]

Graphene Coating Installation: DIY or Don’t Even Try

Graphene coatings took the detailing world by storm a few years ago when they first launched as the next generation of advanced surface protection. It didn’t take long for coating manufacturers to produce different qualities of coatings, ranging from consumer-grade to professional. Nowadays, protection enthusiasts have more options than ever if they prefer the do-it-yourself […]

Graphene Coatings Earn Rave Review in Products Finishing Magazine 

A recent article from an industry-leading protection magazine brings SPS Coatings into the spotlight as part of an in-depth look at how graphene nanoplatelets are poised to revolutionize several industries, especially surface protection. The New Nanotechnology Outperforms Across The Board  The article, published in 2021, begins by detailing that graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) are “proving to […]

Graphene Coating Aftercare

Keep your SPS Graphene coating looking and performing as well as it did the day it was installed!    How Do You Maintain Graphene Coatings?   With a little bit of maintenance, you can keep your coating operating at optimum efficiency for years to come! SPS Graphene is an incredibly strong and resilient coating that only requires […]

Graphene Vs Ceramic Coatings: Which Is Truly Better?

Anyone who’s ever ventured into the world of car care in the last 10 years has likely heard of ceramic coatings and how they revolutionized the car care industry, creating as much buzz as speculation about their long-term benefits. Flash forward to today, and nearly everyone in the industry is trying to capitalize on the benefits […]

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